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Accessories, Gadget and Gear

Discover a vast array of accessories, gadgets, and gear available for wholesale distribution across Bangladesh. Explore our extensive selection, including:

– Watches: Smartwatches, Smart Bands
– Audio: Earphones, Earbuds, Neckbands
– Speakers: Headphones, Bluetooth Speakers
– Chargers & Adapters: Chargers, Power Banks, Rechargeable Batteries
– Gaming: Gamepad, Mouse, Keyboards

Elevate your inventory with top-quality products tailored to meet your customers’ needs.

Just WhatsApp to know about your desire product

Wholesale only

Smart watch / Smart Band / Ear Phone / Earbuds / Neckband

Charger & Adapter

Charger / Power bank / Rechargable Battery


Ear Phone / Earbuds / Neckband / Heaphone / Bluetooth Speaker


Mouse / Keyboard

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